Desìo sponsors the Italian Pop / Rock BAND KEEMOSABE

The collaboration between Desìo, the leading Italian brand in the colored contact lenses segment, and Keemosabe, the young Italian rock / pop band that made itself known and appreciated at the 2019 X Factor Bootcamp, continues.

It was precisely at X Factor 2019 that the group formed by Alberto Curtis (frontman/lead guitar), Sebastiano Vecchio (drums), Andrea Guarinoni (guitar/synths) and Pino Muscatelli (bass), presented themselves on stage with beautiful Desìo blue eyes engaging great interest and enthusiasm between the fans.

The choice to “have the same eyes” was realised by the desire to convey a deeper message about the identity of the band: 4 young artists united by the same vision and impression on the world.

A message that Desio enthusiastically believed in, providing not only their own Romantic Blue lenses, but also becoming a sponsor of the group.

After the hit “Out Of The City”, the band is now working on the new single “The Lights Go Down” which is due to be released in spring, 2020 and will be the first single on the new album “Look Closer”, to be released in summer, 2020. The album title is not only an invitation to look at things more “up close”, but to focus on the really important things in life.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the tour to promote the launch of the new album, the band posed for a photo shoot in Milan wearing Classic Blue, the newly created Desio lenses as a tribute to the Pantone color of the year, 2020. The first shots shared on social networks have already gained a frenzy from the fans. Now all that remains is the release of “Look Closer”.