Desio®, the leading Italian brand in the field of colored contact lenses, has long supported Sightsavers, the international non-profit organization that fights avoidable blindness and supports people with disabilities in developing countries.

The numbers state that there are 36 million blind people in the world, but 75% of blindness can actually be prevented or cured. Sightsavers raises funds to ensure visits, treatments and eye operations for those who need them and trains surgeons, doctors and nurses specializing in vision diseases. In addition, thanks to community volunteers trained in the countries in which it operates, it distributes drugs to the most remote areas of the world to prevent diseases that lead to blindness.


“Giving help to those who need it most is an integral part of our company’s DNA. For this reason, we have decided to do our part and give our contribution to help those who have lost or risk losing their sight, possibly the most important of our senses. Without sight, we could not grasp the colors nor the beauty of our surroundings; without sight, the world would appear very different from how we know it, says Tereza Uhrova.

The eyes are so precious that in our campaigns we always try to convey the importance of protecting and taking care of them using safe and certified products, as well as turning to specialists for advice and avoiding buying lenses or other products of dubious origin.

We are lucky and can take care of it, but who can’t?

How could we remain indifferent to those who have lost or risk losing their eyesight and do not have the opportunity to heal themselves?! Sightsavers, with its initiatives to support people affected by trachoma, river blindness, cataracts and other terrible diseases, seemed the ideal partner with whom to fight this battle”.