Counterfeit Guide

As a premium brand, counterfeiters attempt to take advantage of our popularity by deceiving customers into buying counterfeit products. Counterfeit lenses are illegal and can be harmful to health. Desio™ places a strong emphasis on the safety and quality of materials used in our products.
Lenses are highly regulated medical devices that must be used with caution. Our products are subject to high regulation and registration with government agencies such as the FDA, CE mark, and health ministries in all the countries where we operate; Desio™ lenses also comply with international ISO standards.
Tensures that our products and services are safe, reliable, and of high quality. Counterfeit products are not subject to these regulations due to the length and cost of the procedures involved. Desio™ is not responsible for any claims arising from counterfeit products or purchases from unauthorized retailers.

We combat counterfeiting to safeguard the eyes of our customers and to prevent the risk of a range of dangerous health consequences, and we vigorously pursue manufacturers of counterfeit lenses.

Where to Find Authentic Desio Lenses?


Desio™ does not offer its products through private individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions, boutiques, or unauthorized online retailers.
Desio™ does not sell its products wholesale over the internet. Desio™ lenses are sold through carefully selected optical stores. To ensure you are purchasing authentic Desio™ lenses, please visit our store locator to find the nearest authorized retailer.

The only authorized online stores through which Desio™ offers its products are:

No other third-party e-commerce sites are authorized to sell Desio™ products.

Counterfeit Report

To report counterfeits, please send an email to: In order to take action against a counterfeiter, the following information will be helpful:
• Address and name of the selling location
• Type of selling location (eBay, independent boutique, unauthorized retailer, etc.)
• Product being sold
• Link to the suspicious online profile
• Details of all trademarks (Desio™ logo or specific designs)