Colored contact lenses to match your outfit ?! With ATTITUDE by DESIO it is possible. With ATTITUDE it is possible to change eye color to follow the fashion trends or to simply have a different look for every occasion.


A collection of daily, monthly and quarterly lenses available in 16 different colors and in three variations: 1 tone, 2 tones, 3 tones. The patented design allows its wearers to obtain an extremely realistic result.

The full color at the outside of the lens gently fades as you approach the pupil foramen, giving intensity and naturalness to the eye. The result is incredible. It changes the original color of the iris, even for those with dark eyes. Corrects many visual defects, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and gives a pleasant and extremely realistic color as well.

What elase? The DESIO lenses colors are not “simple” shades, but whole worlds to discover. Rebel Gray, Romantic Blue, Wild Green, Delicious Honey, Rebel Grey, Sublime Grey, Angelic Blue, Lush Green, Shameless Hazel, Precious Grey, Irresistible Blue, Charming Green and Tender Hazel. Because DESIO’s philosophy is to make eye color a real art.


ATTITUDE represents a real turning point in the cosmetic lenses market. Those who thought that colored contact lenses were still those of the 1980s, have now changed their minds. Beacause Attitude’s lenses are different. You can easily apply the lenses and wear them for a long time without feeling annoyed.

Those who have tried them say that they can now not do without them, due to the natural result and absolute comfort. Without forgetting that purchasing ATTITUDE means having all the security of DESIO.

Desio is a brand registered in over 150 countries worldwide, synonymous with high quality products, ophthalmologically tested, CE certified and approved by the American FDA.

Behind DESIO there’s Qualimed, an Italian company with a long experience in the field of contactology. The company, from 2011, has focused its business on the production of colored contact lenses. And soon became its leader. The style and the quality of the lenses are unmistakable. Qualimed products are unique. Numerous attempts at imitation demonstrates this.

Remind. The colored lenses are on sale in the optical stores, official DESIO dealers and also on the official website

The official website for international sales and shipments is